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FPGA Design Services

Innovative and integrated FPGA Design Services, specializing in providing solutions for FPGA and Signal Processing services, that keep pace with technology progress and matching them to customer requirements.

FPGA Signal Processing
Digital Signal Processing
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We Offer a Wide
Variety of FPGA Services

Logic Design

Complex multi-million gate FPGA and 3D FPGA Digital Signal Processing, ASIC prototyping on FPGA for early Software/Driver bring-up, Design Optimization for Area and Timing closure on FPGA, Power efficient FPGA designs

Verification Expertise

SV-UVM based Verification Coverage Driven and Assertion based Verification, SoC Functional Verification, IP Block Functional Verification, Randomized and Constrained Verification, Hardware and Software Co-verification

Video Capture &

FPGA Digital Signal Processing services for SD, HD and 3G HD Capture Interface development over high speed Serial, BT656 and BT1120 Data handling and format conversion, Video Frame Grabber implementation

ASIC Expertise

ASIC to FPGA RTL migration, ASIC to FPGA Memory migration, Clock Tree migration, Reset Migration, Static Timing Analysis, ASIC SOC and IP integration, Silicon Validation Boards, SOC IO Cross Bar Switch on FPGA,

DSP Algorithm

FPGA Digital Signal Processing for RADAR Applications (Pulse compression, CFAR, Doppler processing, Digital down conversion, Moving Target Indicator) Sonar Signal Processing, Multi-channel DDC

Protocol Expertise

Networking & Routing: Ethernet 10/100/1G/10G/100G, PCI Express1.x/2.x/3.0, SNMP, TCP/IP, UDP, IPV4/IPV6, JESD, SRIO, SFPDP, PCI, VME Storage: NVME1.2, eMMC, SATA, DDR2/3/4, LPDDR2/3/4, QDR II/III SRAM, NVSRAM, NOR Flash, Nand-Flash, MMC/SD

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What We Actually Do

FPGA & DSP Design Services

Inevitable’s FPGA Design services include designing, building and deploying as an established company providing cutting-edge FPGA and Signal Processing services. With 20 years of experience in FPGA Design Services, Inevitable offers a strong, unparalleled  FPGA Digital Signal Processing design-to-deployment competence. Inevitable have extensive experience in FPGA Design Services using Altera FPGAs and CPLD devices, which is further complemented by the access to Altera Quartus tool-chain.

Inevitable’s FPGA Design Services team has also been working on ACTEL FPGAs providing compelling FPGA Digital Signal Processing designs for Aerospace and Defense applications and Lattice FPGAs for low power, consumer electronics applications. Inevitable’s FPGA Design Services team has extensive expertise in FPGA and Signal Processing for various protocols in Networking and Routing, Storage, Video and Vision Acceleration. Our FPGA Design Services team has hybrid skills on RTL coding, MATLAB, C/C++ which can help customers accelerate existing software or algorithms.